life drawing

2 hour pose


tonight’s doodles

Made these during Mosaic's fundraiser event. A provocative evening.

Anyways, first we gotta dreadlock dude who is probably skateboarding or something. The lady is based on someone I saw walking around town a few days ago and I was just struck by the thought SHE’D BE SO FUN TO DRAW. And she was. The last one is one of the speakers, just to sneak some observational stuff in.

Just gonna leave these doodles from my other blog right here

Techno Man

My latest rigging endeavor. I’m planning on doing a dialogue with this character soon.

A recent commission!

Uploading some more school stuff! Here’s some character design. For this assignment we were supposed to come up with a thug, girlfriend of the crime boss, and an innocent bystander. I had a lot of fun with the girlfriend D:

Demo Reel

Clips from the short film I made while attending VanArts

1 minute poses

life drawing

aquarium sketches

life drawing

5 minute poses

life drawing

20 minute poses

life drawing